toxic hate

Ww should Pray for a National Deliverence

It’s not too late. Note the prayer of this patriot: (14) Return, we beseech You, O God of hosts; Look down from heaven and see,  And visit this vine (15) And the vineyard which Your right hand has planted, And the branch that You made strong for Yourself.
What must we do for God to restore us?
#1: Confess up.
Sin caused God to take down the hedge (v. 16). We must confess and turn from our wicked ways
#2: Speak up.
Satan's strategy is to keep good people silent in evil times.(17) Let Your hand be upon the man of Your right hand,
Upon the son of man whom You made strong for Yourself. Prophetically, this psalm proclaims, “Our hope is in the Son of God.” The Church is not the master of the state nor the servant of the state. The Church is the conscience of the state. In the name of Jesus, we must come out from under the rock, stand on the Rock, and speak up. Boldly proclaim what God’s Word says about today’s issues.
#3: Stand up.
(18) Then we will not turn away from You; revive us, and we will call on Your name. We must come out from under the rock and stand upon The Rock.
#4: Look up.
(19) Restore us, O Lord God of hosts; Cause Your face to shine, And we shall be saved! Only God can deliver us. We must seek His face, returning to God with weeping, fasting, praying. God doesn't have to route revival through Washington. It's time God's people were filled with a holy resolve: “Oh, God, here's your vine. We're in great despair. There was a glorious design! Lord, there's a grave danger! But give us deliverance, please, O God.”
It is time for God to work once again in America.

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