toxic hate

We are facing a Grave National Danger

(See Psalm 80.) (12) “Why hast Thou then broken down her hedges?” We are now at a point of grave national danger. As with Israel, God has already removed the hedge He once placed around America.
External Danger from Her Enemies (12) “so that all they which pass by the way do pluck her”
Pick up any newspaper. America, the vine that was blessed, has been plucked. China, for example, in the 1990s plucked the vineyard when they were given our nuclear secrets. We spent billions shoring up Middle-Eastern countries only to have terrorists today confiscating our weapons, taking them for their use.
Internal Danger from Corruption (13) “the boar out of the woods uproots it” A hog doesn’t just eat the fruit—it eats the root (v. 13). A tidal wave of immorality is destroying America’s roots. Why are we shocked by school shootings? Prayer is out, policemen are in. Bibles are out, values clarification is in. The Ten Commandments are out, rape and murder are in. Creation out; evolution in. Corporal punishment out; disrespect and rebellion in. Traditional values out; unwed motherhood in. Abstinence  out; condoms and abortion in.
Eternal Danger from God Himself
God is not just America's only hope, He is our biggest threat. (16) It is burned with fire, it is cut down; They perish at the rebuke of Your countenance. God Himself is now bringing judgment like an ax laid to the root of a tree. God's judgment is like a consuming fire. God blessed America, but now America says, “God, we don't want You!” We expelled Him from our schools and government, and He is about ready to impeach America. This is what Satan has wanted to do for a long time. He's been walking around saying, “How can I get in? I can't get in.” But now the hedge is down. He can get in—and has. How else do you explain why we are in such chaos? Many of us are shell-shocked. Bad news has been coming at us through a fire hose. It's hard to build a dam when you're floating downstream. Friend, there won't an America if we don't take this nation back.

What's the lesson? It’s good to repent - everyday. This prayer could be an exercise in our national and Personal Life.

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